Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Court Date Rescheduled for Tomorrow

We did not pass court last night because the birth mom did not arrive on time. No telling how she had to travel in order to get there, but I can imagine it would be hard to travel for many people. Since she did show and was only late, our court was rescheduled for tomorrow morning (while we're sleeping tonight). Had she not shown at all, we would have had to wait who-knows-how-long for another court date. So we're thankful.

Thanks for your prayer for tomorrow morning. If you don't mind praying before you go to bed tonight, we would appreciate it. We'll keep you posted.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Betcha 50 Bucks...

Below is a link to a video. Watch it and I'll bet you 50 bucks there are kids that pop up on there that you could totally see being in your family! Just a subtle way to get people thinking about investing what God has entrusted to them to impact the world.

Oh, we got our tentative travel dates yesterday! July 18th is the day if we pass court on June 30th. Please pray that everything goes smoothly! We'll post and let everyone know what's up.

- Dave

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Court Date! - Sooner Than Expected

OK, this is all happening so fast! We got our referral call for siblings a couple weeks ago, officially accepted the referral this week, went ahead with scheduling our court date with acceptance pending on a few test results, and now we have our court date scheduled for June 30th. Whoa! Usually families are informed 2-4 weeks after referral about when their court date will be...not 1 week! And we were told to expect a court date 8-12 weeks after receiving a referral. Ours is four weeks. So, this is exciting! One important piece is that 40% of families do not pass court the first go, so it may get rescheduled 1-1.5 months from then. Please pray that we pass b/c we may fall into the season where the courts close during August, September, and part of October, and could not travel until late fall. If we do pass the first time we would be traveling sometime in July or early August.

Please also pray for some paperwork adjustments that need to be made. Our original homestudy approved us for a sibling set up to 50 months. We'll need to change that to reflect the age range and delays in paperwork can also delay your travel. So, please pray that goes smoothly as well.

More to come...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Referral! - Sooner Than Expected

Although we had expected to wait 10-12 months (the average) to get a referral, our referral has come at 7 months! We had been hoping for a sibling group, even though it is very rare that a referral for healthy, young siblings comes up. We got a call last Friday from our agency. They said a sibling group had come up that was a little outside the ages we requested (14-36 months) and wondered if we were interested. We were assured that we would not lose our place in line if we decided to wait for a child who was within the parameters we requested. We prayed about it over the weekend and felt like this could very well be God's plan for us.

On Monday we accepted the referral and got to see pictures of the girls. They are beautiful! One is four years old, and the other is three months old! We are thrilled! And we feel extremely blessed.

Now we wait for a court date. We hope to get a date soon, to pass court the first time (30% do not pass the first go round), and to be able to travel before the courts shut down in the early fall due to the rainy season.

We're grateful for your prayer for us and our girls!