Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jacee Is Five

Jacee turned 5 on May 12th. We celebrated with a Diego party this past Saturday. We invited her good friends Macey and Brantley and their families. Of course, there was no way Grammie and Papa would miss this special occasion. And we had the rare treat of having Aunt Brenda and cousin Trey here as well.

Here are some other recent pics of our little goosehopper.

She and Charis both sleep with their eyes open sometimes. As you can tell, it's not quite time to remove the safety rails.

On her birthday, May 12th.

Just being Jacee.

Urban cowgirl. Complete with sunglasses. Carnival at HyVee.

Mother's Day Tea at preschool.

Davi's school field trip to Loritzen Gardens.

Simply gorgeous.

We feel so blessed to have this sweet five-year-old in our family.


jamullins said...

She is so beautiful! And growing up way too fast!

Gina said...

She has just blossomed under your tender loving care! Looking forward to seeing you! We need to get to planning soon!

kim said...

Jacee has grown so much and I love that bright eyed smile. I look back at our kids pics those first few months and their eyes were so different. Jacee's look full of joy! Miss you all!

Risa said...

She's such a joy! I can't believe how much she talks and how fast she has learned! You're a great mom. :)