Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Court Date! - Sooner Than Expected

OK, this is all happening so fast! We got our referral call for siblings a couple weeks ago, officially accepted the referral this week, went ahead with scheduling our court date with acceptance pending on a few test results, and now we have our court date scheduled for June 30th. Whoa! Usually families are informed 2-4 weeks after referral about when their court date will be...not 1 week! And we were told to expect a court date 8-12 weeks after receiving a referral. Ours is four weeks. So, this is exciting! One important piece is that 40% of families do not pass court the first go, so it may get rescheduled 1-1.5 months from then. Please pray that we pass b/c we may fall into the season where the courts close during August, September, and part of October, and could not travel until late fall. If we do pass the first time we would be traveling sometime in July or early August.

Please also pray for some paperwork adjustments that need to be made. Our original homestudy approved us for a sibling set up to 50 months. We'll need to change that to reflect the age range and delays in paperwork can also delay your travel. So, please pray that goes smoothly as well.

More to come...


Erica said...

Any news about a tentative travel date? One family posted about traveling July 18 or 19 and I immediately thought about your family and wondered if those dates were given to you. As always, praying for you!