Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Referral! - Sooner Than Expected

Although we had expected to wait 10-12 months (the average) to get a referral, our referral has come at 7 months! We had been hoping for a sibling group, even though it is very rare that a referral for healthy, young siblings comes up. We got a call last Friday from our agency. They said a sibling group had come up that was a little outside the ages we requested (14-36 months) and wondered if we were interested. We were assured that we would not lose our place in line if we decided to wait for a child who was within the parameters we requested. We prayed about it over the weekend and felt like this could very well be God's plan for us.

On Monday we accepted the referral and got to see pictures of the girls. They are beautiful! One is four years old, and the other is three months old! We are thrilled! And we feel extremely blessed.

Now we wait for a court date. We hope to get a date soon, to pass court the first time (30% do not pass the first go round), and to be able to travel before the courts shut down in the early fall due to the rainy season.

We're grateful for your prayer for us and our girls!



Erica said...

I know I keep telling you this, but CONGRATULATIONS!

Kari said...

Hollands...just heard your amazing news!!! WOWWWW Congrats on your beautiful girls!!! We are soooo happy for you:)

c0ach said...


Rahn's Journey said...

Thank you for your postings. We are so happy for you. We thought about our meeting in Kiev when we were at the TGIF. We will follow you and be praying for you. God Bless, He knew what he was doing when he shut the door in Ukraine. There were 2 children waiting to go home.
love you,

Kimberly said...

this is soooo exciting! tears filled my eyes reading about this journey of yours! dave, i saw you at the memorial day run at boys town, but by the time i realized it was you, the race was about to start! carissa said you wore a mask across the finish line. ha. sounds like you!!!

Jamie said...

May the Lord continue to pour His grace over your way as you rescue your precious girls!

Charissa said...

Wonderful news!! I am thrilled for you. Thanks for the book recommendation. I NEED to read that book.

adoptedthree said...

Congratulations they sound perfect!