Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is Our God Moving a Mountain?

Ever since we did not pass court, our agency has been trying to get us another court date. While it is necessary to have a recommendation from MOWA in order to have court (and remember, MOWA has closed for a spell, so no one is getting new recommendations), the recommendation we got for our first court date is still good b/c we didn't actually fail court but rather were never given a hearing. On Thursday, the court finally said, "Bring her [the birth mom] in next week and we'll have court." No scheduled appointment. No specific day. Just show up and they will have court! This is such good news. We could pass court this week and be able to travel in August! The two-month court closures would not even impact us b/c we would already be through that part of the process.

We were deflated earlier in the week when it looked like we would be waiting until at least October to pass court, and we were confused because we had seen the process begin moving at incredible speed (after so much time of feeling like we were standing still) that we attribute to God moving. Now we are again seeing how the details of our circumstances have lined up perfectly for us to fast track it to our girls. I think we may be seeing the hand of God work on our behalf, and we're giving Him all the credit.

Please pray that the birth mom is able to travel this week, that the judge does in fact give us a hearing, and that we pass. On a more important level, please pray for our girls' continued health and safety. We are reminded this week how fragile these children are and the limitations there are in Ethiopia as a third-world country.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!