Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Update and Travel Plans

We got new pics and some updated info on our new daughters today. They continue to get more and more beautiful. We feel so blessed that God has placed these girls in our family. He is so gracious! We can hardly wait to get to them.

The plan is to fly out of Omaha on August 12th. We're still working on travel arrangements. Everything looks fine getting to Addis, but getting out is a little hairy. We're waitlisted for a flight on Friday (21st) and a flight on Saturday (22nd). We'd really like to get out on Friday, but to get out at all would be great:) Until we have a flight confirmed to get out of Ethiopia, we can't make our final arrangements. Please pray for all this to come together well.



Erica said...

We're really been praying hard about your travel arrangements. I saw Dave's post yesterday on the Yahoo and was so disappointed to know that your trip was being delayed. Hopefully all will be confirmed very soon! Your children are just beautiful!


Jamie said...

I will be tracking on your journey and look forward to a picture of you all with those two wonderful girls! The Lord is Good.

Jo Jo said...

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