Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Can Take the Child Out of Ethiopia, But You Can't Take Ethiopia Out of the Child

Let's see...where to start? This week was filled with firsts for our new additions. They had their first experience with:

* Walmart
* Their pediatrician
* Culvers
* Fast-flow nipples (parents getting babies in Ethiopia, buy these!)
* Riding a trike
* Going to the park (Jacee loves the swing. Charis...not so much)
* Hectors Mexican food (kids can eat some spicy stuff!)
* Picking up/dropping off Davi @ school
* Our church

Jacee is picking up English pretty well and parrots much of what we say. Charis isn't really doing that great with it yet. Maybe it's because she's only about 7 months so we'll cut her a little slack and give it some time. The other day Gina got home from being out with our two new girls and our dog Chelsea met them at the door and Jacee responded, "Hi Chelsea!" Davi, our oldest, has been a HUGE help with the girls by playing with them, loving on them, and teaching them English.

The jet-lag didn't take too long to get over and the girls have done a pretty good job adjusting to the time change. Now if we can just keep Jacee from falling out of her bed everyone can sleep through the night! We purchased bed rails today so that ought to corral the little bugger and give her a full nights sleep without being awakened by the pounding of her body on the floor!

Now...for the title of the blog. In Ethiopia as you're driving around it's not uncommon to see various aged children wandering around on the side of the road and squatting to use the street as a bathroom. Just a few moments ago Jacee used the backyard in a way that seemed familiar to her...glad to know she's feeling like she's home! Oh, we'll be keeping the new shoes we bought today too as they're not really returnable any longer.

Better go for now...Charis is in her Bumbo seat and has had her limit.

- Dave


Erica said...

What a precious post! I'm so glad the girls are transitioning so well. I laughed out loud when I read about Jacee and her new shoes! I am so happy that the girls are home and your family is complete!