Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back From the Other Side of the World

Well, it's about 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I (David) am sitting here with our little 6 month old finally able to post on our blog. High speed internet isn't quite the same in Ethiopia and I was unable to access our blog there. Well, after some grueling travel we finally made it home on Monday, August 24th at around noon to some family and friends at the airport. It was so great to have so many come out and meet our new girls. It meant so much to us and I'm sure will be meaningful to the girls when they're older and they see the pictures and hear the story of so many that were excited to welcome them home.

We're adjusting well and are looking forward to finding the rut as a family of 5. It's just so nice to finally be home and done with all the waiting, wondering, and what-if's. Not that much is all that stable right now with two new nuggets in the family, but I must say it's nice to not have to worry about paperwork expiring!

Charis (6 month old) is doing well. She did some serious sleeping yesterday. I'm sure all the travel, noise, and new smells and sights just wore her out. She's a great baby and is generally pretty quiet unless she's hungry. She's a smiley little one and loves to shove whatever is in reach in to her mouth. So nice to see her in her crib yesterday.

Jacee (4 year old) is doing well also. She opened up so much over the last couple days and has been quite chatty. She's digging being here because it's like Toys R Us with all the stuff we have around here from when Davi was little. We're planning on going to the park today to work on the gross motor skills department. With so many kids in the transition home they just don't have much time to play, run, jump, and develop in areas we're so used to here in the States. She's come a long way already though. When we first got her she had difficulty just going up a few stairs b/c her muscles were so tiny. She's heading up our stairs like a champ now.

Davi is doing well and adjusting to life as a big sister. She's been such a huge help through the transition time. Jacee follows her around and mimicks her every move. Not sure if she'll go to school today or not...depends on how she looks when she gets up today. She hit the hay around 7:30 last night so she's going on 9 hours of sleep and counting!

Gina and I are doing well. So nice to sleep in our own bed and not have to worry about a long flight or wondering if we packed everything we needed.

Well, here's a few pictures of the day we met the girls and some other assorted images of our time in Ethiopia. We'll post again soon.



Stacy said...

Praise God that you are home safe and that God has blessed your family with 3 beautiful girls! I am so happy for guys and so thankful to God for what he has done in your life! Please let me know if you need any help this week! The photos are awesome!

Gina said...

We love you guys! We need to follow through and meet halfway somewhere to get together! Isn't it great to be home?!!!

gwarrick said...

We are so glad you are home and so thankful all went so well. What a contrast to your time in the Ukraine. The photos are great and your new daughters are beautiful! Congratulations!

Gary & Cherry

Tyson said...

So precious. :) I showed your pictures to all the guys around my desk. I'm so happy for you.

cara said...

Congratulations! I've been following your blog since Ukraine and am so happy things went well!
Can't wait to hear about your adventure getting the girls!

beth said...

Congratulations! I just re-read over your blog site- all the past prayers and delays! Isn't it just like God that you originally ask Him for another child and He blesses you with TWO more! It was a long wait but He had these girls picked out for Davi to be thier big sister.
We are going to be expanding our family July 2010-adding a son-in-law. Kelsey is getting married.

Molly said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to meet the girls sometime!

Crazy Roots in Africa said...

So wonderful to see your girls! I've been blogstalking you for awhile hoping to get a glimpse of them! So gorgeous and sweet. We're praying for all of you, and for the transition!
Gina Root AWAA YG

icedcoffee said...

Oh I pray that the girls grow up with Gina's smarts, both your humor, and Dav....well...what can I say, THEY ARE hmmm...maybe your talent in the athletic dept. I also am so grateful for you and antipate the day when they come to know Christ in a personal relationship! Davi is gonna have her hands full as big sister!! Luv ya! Marilyn

DoveFamily said...

Beautiful! You have such a beautiful family! Praise God for His goodness. You were faithful and followed Him despite so many obstacles, and He has blessed you so tremendously. Praying for continued blessings on all five of you as you seek to create a new normal.