Friday, October 23, 2009

Good News and Frustration

After all the tests on both the girls has come back and everything is normal...with one exception. Charis had the BCG shot sometime while in Ethiopia to help eliminate the chance of her developing TB. So when she went to get her TB test it came back as a false positive and we had to get the chest x-ray (came back normal) and now they have to treat it. The treatment? 9 months of antibiotics! We're totally glad that she does not have the disease, but frustrated to put her on the meds for something she most likely doesn't have. Anyone else have to do this that adopted from Ethiopia?

I guess it's all part of the journey but I'll tell you this: If you have an HSA and are adopting I highly suggest you start dropping some serious coin in the account because you'll need it. Those lab tests were ridiculously expensive!

Other than that all is well on the home front and we're getting family pictures taken tomorrow. Come back for a visit to see!

- Dave


cindy.wallace said...

Hi Gina & David - We have been following your amazing journey for quite a while now & love the pictures! We can't wait to meet your new little girls!! I deal with TB tests and treatment where I work & the State (New Mexico) Health Department here covers the cost of testing & the antibiotics 100%. You might check with your State Health Dept. to see if they will do the same.
Take Care!
Cindy, Ken & Kassidy Wallace

krg said...


I saw your post on our blog. Leave me you email on mine and I will forward you the info Selam's teacher gave me on the stages of learning english.


cara said...

My son (adopted from Ukraine last year) had a positive tb test and negative chest x-ray and he didn't have to do the antibiotics-you should look into why she has to take it. Cara