Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Months and Counting

We are having such a great time with our girls. We're becoming more and more like family every day.

I've started trying some things with Jacee's hair. It is still really short and super curly, so I am very proud of my first attempts at ponytails. They make her feel pretty, so I'm glad to put them in.

We had fun during the Halloween season, even though I'm always glad when Halloween is over b/c of all the yuck that comes with it. Kids love it, though.

David's parents are visiting. We are not coffee drinkers, so we never have coffee around. Jacee has said several times, "I like coffee." We've wondered if she realizes what coffee is and if she's really had it. Being from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, we figured she very well could have. Since David's parents drink coffee, we decided to give her a little bit to see what her reaction would be. Sure enough, she drank it down and said, "I like coffee." The girl has definitely had coffee. However, I don't think we'll be giving her much over the next several years.

Whenever any of us is on the floor, Chelsea is right up on us. This is a common sight to see Chelsea and Charis hanging out together.

The girls have a lot of fun together.

Charis has started sucking her thumb. Hopefully it won't turn into a problem.

The next post will probably have our family photos that were taken last week. You're gonna love 'em; the girls are gorgeous!


Erica said...

The girls were so cute in their costumes! I hope they had lots of fun. Charis looks like she's doing really well sitting-up unsupported. Jacee's hair is cute as is her love of coffee. Looking forward to the family pics!

Gina said...

Thanks for the update! The kids look great! We miss you guys!

krg said...

Our kidos love coffee too. In fact every time I break out the beans to grind they beg for one to eat.

KLT said...


I put a DVD in the mail for you today. As it is crossing the border, it might take a couple weeks...but be on the lookout! It's great to see the wonderful smiles on your girls' faces!

jamullins said...

Thank you for praying for Hannah!

jamullins said...

Thank you for your prayers and checking up on Hannah. Her test went well. We will have results on Monday or Tuesday but the lady who did the echo said that she didn't see anything to worry about. So good news!! Thank you!
Your children are precious!!! Your dog is too! :)

Jean said...

I LOVE what you did with her hair! You did such a great job! I hope my attempts are as successful when Hannah's hair gets that long! What are you using for her hair?? Email me at if you don't care!