Monday, March 1, 2010

Dress-Up is Back!

Davi had all but given up playing dress-up before Jacee and Charis came home. When Jacee first arrived, she didn't "get" the whole dress-up idea. I mean think about it. She came from a place where she may have worn the same clothes every day, and we show her a tub of clothes that are just for playing. (When are we Americans going to realize how rich we are?) At first, Davi would put something on her, and Jacee would get a look of disgust on her face and let us know she didn't like it. It seems she thought that's what she would be wearing for the day (the girl hates wearing dresses, by the way). But now, she's in full swing with the dress-up thing (especially the dresses...since they're temporary). And Davi has jumped back into it as well. It's so funny. Davi, being much bigger now at 8 than when we got the clothes, looks a little, shall we say, skanky. And Jacee's favorite item is a Snow White wig that has seen better days. The two of them together are hilarious!

Sometimes dress-up goes to the next level: ice skating competition. Davi usually has her roller blades on when I'm (Gina) working in the kitchen. It gets quite interesting when Jacee joins in and Charis is crawling around on the floor. No major accidents yet. My desire for new flooring is held in check with the nice skating surface 1980's linolium provides.


KLT said...

That is fun to see! What a difference from the shy (yet determined) little girl we saw at the TH :)

jamullins said...

love it!!

Erica said...

What a precious and hilarious post! I totally love the rollerblading photo and can just imagine them navigating around Charis. If Charis is anything like Maura, she probably crawls right after them. How fun!