Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jacee, Our Little Goosehopper

I realized as I looked over the previous posts that most of the pics of Jacee portray her as being quite serious. I also think back to the perception we had when we first met her at the transition home and when others met her when our care package was delivered. This is not the Jacee living in our house. She is energetic, cheerful, kind, sweet, and hilarious! There is a lot of laughter in our home, and Jacee is a perfect fit. She has a great sense of humor. And we never hear a little girl giggle out of her, only a deep gut laugh that is so contagious.

She is also not at all shy like we thought. She walks into a room with such confidence (or maybe not knowing any better) and just gets involved with whoever is there, adults and kids alike. Other children love her. She'll often grab their hand and say, "Let's run!" and off they go. She has a way of bringing energy and excitement to a group. She has many friends. She's always ready to try new things (well, except food--I'll save that for the next post).

The other day, Jacee said to David, "Daddy, you silly goosehopper." I think she may have confused silly goose and grasshopper. Whatever, it cracked us up. Goosehopper has now become a term of endearment around our house. You'll often hear someone walk into a room and say to whoever is there, "Hey, Goosehopper!" Yup, that girl has definitely made her mark on this family. We wouldn't trade her for the world.


KLT said...

I'm so glad you shared! Your little "goosehopper" is precious!

Christina Anderson said...

precious story - loved watching her and Brantley play hand in hand last night - he had so much fun with her

Joshua said...

Precious story - loved watching them playing. How lovely the children are. This would be a great memory in their life. Hope that they would happy everyday. Reading the post make me recall my childhood also full of joy and laugh. Welcome to speak out your mind toward my pearl necklace and loose pearls