Friday, August 7, 2009

Davi Tastes Success -- I Eat Crow

The other day, Davi and her friend Katie decided they wanted to have a water balloon stand. They would be selling water balloons for 25 cents each. Trying to protect my little girl from disappointment, I basically said, "No one is going to buy water balloons, Honey. You can try to sell them, but don't be upset when no one buys any." She and Katie got to work on their water balloon stand, despite my words of warning.

After a few minutes into making the sign for the stand, Davi got the idea, "Hey, we could use the money for our adoption."

I think this is about where God showed up.

The girls ran outside and returned a few minutes later with three quarters. Katie's grandma who lives across the street gave them the money. I had to admit to them, "Okay, I was wrong. People will buy water balloons."

They were now inspired and planning to go door-to-door. We told them they could only go to people we knew. At some point, they decided to ditch the whole water balloon idea and just ask for donations straight up. As we saw the money start coming in, David suggested the money be used for the orphans still in Ethiopia rather than for our adoption. Now they were asking for donations for orphans in Ethiopia.

After hitting a few houses up and down the street, they ended up with $77.55!

We will be shopping this week for gifts for the orphans.

On a personal note, I am humbled. I should know better than to tell anyone, "That can't be done." As believers, we are to be risk-takers. Even though I didn't know the original water balloon business was headed toward Kingdom purposes, I am reminded to not discourage my kids from trying new things, especially if it's just to avoid failure and disappointment. Good lesson for me. I pray Davi will be inspired with what God can do through her when she does take a risk.



MamaPoRuski said...

Crying at the precious sign! Our daughter and her friends surprised us with a bakesale at their jr. high and raised our first donations for our last adoption. God moves in children's hearts so much more easily than ours at times. It is humbling and inspiring!